What is My Lifestyle Club?

My Lifestyle Club is a friendly new social coaching club for women who want a bit of ‘me’ time, to learn new skills, have fun and connect with other women.  We meet once a month in Wineham, West Sussex and are planning to expand to other areas in 2013.

Who Are We?

My Lifestyle Club has been set up by Helen Cowper  and Thea Jolly who are both qualified life coaches.  Helen specialises in Emotional Intelligence and Thea specialises in Happiness Habits and overcoming Perfectionism.

Why was the club founded?

Because we wanted to be a part of a club like this and when we couldn’t find one we created our own!!

We recognise the energy created when women are together and this club is a great way for women to share their experiences, to have fun and to learn lifestyle skills without feeling any pressure.

Why Join?

Because you want to:

  • find some ‘me-time’
  • learn lifestyle skills and tips (i.e. mindful eating, dress for your body shape, goal setting, confidence, energy boosters, happiness habits, etc.)
  • do something different
  • meet like minded women
  • learn in a relaxed environment
  • have fun and socialise
  • talk about things that happen in your life in a safe environment
  • be part of a club for real women who live real lives
  • create local connections and be part of a community
  • be yourself and be more than a wife, girlfriend, mum, worker, daughter


  • Hear guest speakers talk about things that interest and inspire you.
  • Get great tips on how to survive life.
  • Share things that are frustrating/bothering you and get  advice/suggestions on how to manage.
  • Take part in charity events that mean something to you.
  • Go on organised outings to events that interest you.
  • Make lasting friendships.
  • Feel connected and part of your local community.
  • Get life coaching at a fraction of the cost.

Sign up for more information on My Lifestyle Club

Email hcowper@btinternet.com or thea@fireworkscoaching.co.uk to find out more about our next meetings or if you are a coach and would be interested in working with us.